A.S.I.A. 2001 - Nashville, TN (03/24/2001)

Ms. Darci Cotten showing her 
Welcome to Cotten smile! Darci is a treasure!
Ms. Kim Sherman playing and selling 
a geetar at the same time. We knew she was 
talented, but this brings on a new level of respect!
Mr. Tom Malone! The best setup 
person in Nashvegas!
The place we love to visit in Nashville!
Ted Blankenship, David Dugas and 
Steve Anderson jamming in the 
lobby of the Sheraton. Where's the FIK?

It's important to note that we are playing 
3 Collings Clarence White 28's in the lobby of a 
guitar makers festival... <bg>

Walter Abshire, David Dugas 
and the FIK (John Mickelson).
Walter (fiddle) , Steve (guitar) , Ted (bass), 
David (CW-28!!) and the FIK on 
Jenny's OM-28V.
FIK and Walter.
The legendary FIK playing Jenny Talton's 
Martin OM-28v.
Yours truly at Cotten playing Darci's 
new Walker Braz RW/Red Spruce L-00. 
It's a beautiful little geetar!
Thanks go to Jenny Talton for taking the photos! Where are the photos of you??