Serial Number 414

This CW-28 was built in April of 1991 and used to be owned by "The Judge"... 3 or 4 times.... <BG> It has grade A Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a beautiful Bear claw Red Spruce top. It has an Ebony peghead overlay with Gotoh tuners. The nut width is the standard 1 3/4" and it has the correct pickguard... <bg>

This CW has a scalloped Fossil Ivory Saddle crafted by Bryan Kimsey (see the CW Links Page for details on contacting him). The nut is Fossil Ivory as are the bridge pins. The heads of the bridge pins have been cut down to reduce ringing. The effect produced by the scalloped saddle and the smaller bridge pin head is very noticeable. I noticed more bass and openness in this guitar than in some of the other CW's of this same era. I REALLY like this instrument!!! The owner is a very lucky man!


This top has some beautiful bear claw marks in it!
Notice the old style Collings peghead where the side of the peghead meets the volute. It has more of an angle than newer Collings guitars.
Collings CW-28 Serial number 414 made in April of 1991. I know it's hard to see the serial number, but if you look closely at the tip of the shadowed area you'll see "414".
Notice the larger volute Collings used on older CW's and the old style Gotoh tuners.
Another beautiful CW pickguard! Isn't that beautiful bearclaw under the strings. The figure is really nice!
If you look closely at the heel cap you'll see the grain of the Ivoroid.
Top view of the scalloped saddle and FWI bridge pins. Rear view of the scalloped saddle
Font view of the Scalloped saddle. Font view of the Scalloped saddle.

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