Serial Number 646

This guitar is one of the more unique instruments we have on the web site. Why? Well, because it has the same serial number as another guitar on this web site! I've changed the serial number on this instrument to 646-a because its date of manufacture is one month earlier than the other "646".

The owner of the other "646" called Collings Guitars when he heard that there was another CW with the same serial number as his guitar. He asked if this was possible. The answer he received was, to say the least, interesting. He was told (I'm paraphrasing) that it is indeed possible that there were 2 guitars produced at that time with the same number because they didn't track them (the serial numbers) back then as well as they do now...

This guitar was manufactured in October of 1992. It has "B" grade Brazilian back and sides. FI nut and saddle and Gotoh tuners (typical of early CW's). The peghead overlay is Ebony and the nut width is standard 1 3/4".


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