Serial Number 2071

This Collings Clarence White style 18 was completed in November of 1995. It is has an Ebony peghead overlay, Waverly tuners, 1 3/4" nut width, bone nut and saddle, ebony pins with MOP dots and a volute on the rear of the peghead. There is no back strip on this guitar. The volute and the herringbone are not standard on CW-18's, so this is an unusual instrument.

    There are several unusual aspects important to this guitar. It has herringbone purfling on the top with TS binding on the top and rear of the body. The TS binding on the fretboard (with an Ivoroid strip between the TS binding and ebony fretboard. The TS binding on the fretboard looks like butterscotch! It's very beautiful. According to John Holman, this is the #13 Mahogany CW made. This guitar originally  had the Popsicle brace installed, but the owner had it removed. I had the opportunity to play this wonderful guitar at Camp Kaufman this year and it was a joy to play. The basses were full and very powerful while the trebles were very clear, yet very full. It' a great guitar!

tn_2071 - full front 1.jpg (34988 bytes) tn_2071 - back full body 1.jpg (35533 bytes)
tn_2071 - side body 1.jpg (71464 bytes) tn_2071 - pickguard and herringbone 1.jpg (68629 bytes)
tn_2071 - label view 1.jpg (66508 bytes) tn_2071 - serial number view 1.jpg (35637 bytes)
tn_2071 - front peghead 1.jpg (49930 bytes) tn_2071 - back body 1.jpg (64021 bytes)
tn_2071 - side fretboard 1.jpg (35657 bytes) tn_2071 - fretboard binding over body 1.jpg (42048 bytes)
tn_2071 - side fretboard 3.jpg (33597 bytes) tn_2071 - side fretboard 2.jpg (38554 bytes)
tn_2071 - underside of neck and fretboard 1.jpg (29535 bytes)

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