Serial Number 266

This is the fifth Collings Clarence White guitar built! This wonderful instrument definitely has the most mojo of any of the CW's I've played so far! It was made in December of 1989 of B+ grade Quartersawn Brazilian rosewood from a small tree (notice the great amount of figure in the wood). It has an ebony peghead overlay and Gotoh tuners. It's been "Lashbrooked", which means it has had the saddle replaced with Mastodon Ivory and lengthened into the wings of the bridge (check out the photo below. It has Walrus Ivory bridge pins with red TS dots and a 1 3/4" nut width.


tn_266 - full front 1.jpg (36631 bytes) tn_266 - full rear 1.jpg (43462 bytes)
tn_266 - end pin view 1.jpg (56364 bytes) tn_266 - heel joint 1.jpg (48373 bytes)
tn_266 - pickguard and herringbone 1.jpg (77577 bytes) tn_266 - bridge cu 1.jpg (60562 bytes)
tn_266 - inside heel block - serial number view 1.jpg (55699 bytes) tn_266 - label cu - 1.jpg (65353 bytes)
tn_266 - back body 1.jpg (61354 bytes) tn_266 - rear peghead and tuners 1.jpg (53944 bytes)

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