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Stuff For Sale...

Check out the new "Stuff For Sale" page on the Unofficial Collings Clarence White web site. I'll list Collings Clarence White guitars as well as other items. Contact me for details.


My friend Dan Miller publishes a wonderful magazine, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, dedicated to the art of the flatpicked guitar.

The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum is my favorite forum on the web.

Clarence White...

Clarence White
Clarence White's Footprints on the Records
The Clarence White Forum
Clarence White bio

Musical Artists...

J.S. Bach - Need I say more?
Tony Rice!!! He finally has a web presence! Yippee!!! I don't care much for the flash intro, but I'm happy he finally has stuff up on the web!

Brad Davis has been playing his Collings CW-28 since 1990, which he purchased new from John Holman. John and Brad modified the CW to include Brad's "Brad-Bender". Brad is one of the flatpicking icons and also one of the nicest guys on the planet! Brad's band, White Water, is based in Nashville, TN and plays out frequently. Do yourself a favor and catch one of his shows. Brad will be playing his CW or his new Merrill guitar.

Bryan Sutton Bryan and David Grier's concert at the 2000 Camp Kaufman was some of the best flatpicking on the planet!!

Roland White Although Roland is primarily know for his mandolin work, hes a great rhythm guitarist and a very fine teacher!

My old friend, Pete Huttlinger, has made quite a name for himself over the past 10 years. He does session work in Nashville, has performed in John Denver's touring band for the last 5 years of Mr. Denver's life and used to teach at Cotten Music in Nashville. Pete won the fingerstyle contest at the 2000 Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. Congratulations Pete!!!


C. F. Martin & Co. The birth place of the dreadnought guitar (among many other wonderful instruments).

Collings Guitars Did you know that Bill Collings builds one of the finest archtop guitars in the country? Some folks believe he builds THE finest archtop. The Collings archtop is one of my "if I win the Lottery" guitars!

John Allison of Allison Guitars has been applying the beautiful sunburst finishes on Collings guitars for many years and has started building guitars on his own.
Mario Proulx (rhymes with "brew") lives up in the great north of Canada and is building some very fine guitars! Highly recommended!
Kim Walker operates a one-man shop in North Stonington, CT and Kim is my other favorite small shop luthier. A close friend has a Walker L-00 Maple/Adirondack that is the second best small bodied guitar that I've played (her Collings Braz/Engelmann C-10 is the best)! Most folks think a Maple/Adirondack guitar would be bright, but they are WRONG! This is one of the mellowest, most even sounding guitars I've heard. My friend Ted owns a beautiful Braz/Ad Walker OM. This guitar is incredibly beautiful.

Linda Manzer's guitars are some of the finest built today. Pat Metheny, who is one of my guitar heroes, owns many of her guitars. Check out the Pikasso guitar on her web site...

Ervin Somogyi, is IMHO building some of the finest instruments out there today.

Shelly Park builds world class Selmer style guitars. My friend Gus loves his Shelly Park guitar!


Berkeley Breathed - the genius creator of the comic strip, Bloom County and Outland. He also contributed the drawings to the wonderful film Secondhand Lions.

Retail Folks...

My good friends Kim Sherman and Darci Cotten own and operate Cotten Music in Nashville, TN. It's a wonderful store where the prices are right and the service is extraordinary! Kim is affectionately known as the Collings Queen and Darci as "Miss D". They are my favorite guitar/music shop. Highly recommended!!


Vintage Instruments

Maestro Antonio Plectro... - my wonderful, old, beat-up D-18.
The Old D-18 Club (aka - old dudes in Maryville...) taken in June of 2005.
Vintage Instruments in Philadelphia, PA. Fred Oster usually has a number of fine vintage Gibson and Martin guitars in stock.
Intermountain Guitar and Banjo usually has several vintage, prewar Martin guitars in stock.
Jet City Guitars is another site that lists many fine guitars. A local friend has purchased and sold several fine vintage guitars through this store with good results.
Players Vintage Instruments carries a fine selection of vintage Gibson guitars and mandolins and vintage Martin guitars.
Vintage Guitars from Serious Acoustics - Goodness gracious...
Vintage Guitar Information can be found here for several brands of instruments.
Bernuzio Vintage Instruments carries a very wide variety of vintage instruments.
The Museum of Modern Instruments - This site is obviously a labor of love. The contents is second to no other site.
more to come...

Is this cool or what...

Coming soon...

Repair Folks...

Mr. Frank Ford of Gryphon Stringed Instruments has a wonderful web page with great information on guitar repair and maintenance. Mr. Ford is "DA man" when it comes to repairs and restorations.

My friend, Bryan Kimsey performs excellent quality repair work at a very reasonable price. I trust Bryan's work. Highly recommended!

Jim Grainger has been repairing vintage guitars for over 50 years. He has reslotted the saddle in my bridge for proper intonation as well as installed stainless steel frets and the work was quite good. His finish repair person repaired an ugly side crack in a '41 000-18 that I used to own and the work came out amazingly well.

Dave Musslewhiteand TJ Thompson are at the top of the vintage repair folks. TJ also builds incredible OM reproductions.


Accessories and Crafts...

Art Strings Publishing is the publishing site for artist Karen Canon. Karen is a Winfield friend and a REALLY fine artist. She's also an accomplished jazz guitarist. I love her work! Highly recommended.

Yep, I'm a capoholic... There, I admitted it. Can you? <g> I'm willing to bet that most of you are too! My favorite capo builder is Phil Elliott. He builds. IMHO. a capo that is just as good, if not better, than the McKinney capo. His waiting time is usually just a couple of weeks and is now the only authorized builder of the the McKinney capo. Don't tell Phil I told you, but he made one of his Elliott Elite capos for me and it's fantastic! Highly recommended! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Phil is a fantastic singer and Bluegrass guitarist. He plays the The Alan Munde Gazette.

John Tilton of Tilton Pottery makes the most incredible pottery! His work is spectacular. The man is truly an artist!!

Tunes and Instruction Material...

Steve Kaufman is IMHO THE MAN in Flatpicking instructional material. "The Artist Formally Known As SK" has been evangelizing Flatpicking for years.

Homespun has tons of instructional aids for the Flatpicking enthusiast.

Mel Bay Publications has instructional material for just about every instrument available. Great stuff!!!

John Stropes of Stropes Editions published a wonderful book on Michael Hedges music. It's a work of art!

Ceolas, the home of Celtic music on the Internet
The Fiddler's Companion at Ceolas
Folk Music dot org - an excellent resource for folk music...
The Skeptical Guitarist is a series of books with the intention of teaching the guitarist music theory and improvisation skills. VERY highly recommended!!

Fretboard Logic is an excellent book to use to become acquainted with the guitar fretboard through the CAGED system.

Jamey Abersold's business is teaching Jazz Improvisation and he does a great job at it too! Start with Vol 1 and Vol 78 for Holiday season tunes. Highly recommended!

Music Related Books...

The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green with W. Timothy Gallwey. - very helpful in overcoming performance anxiety. Great book!

Music Theory For Modern Guitar - by Thomas P. Ohmsen - An old book recently reissued by John Lawless' company, AcuTab. Highly recommended!

Walnut Valley Festival

The mother of all Flatpicking festivals is the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. My trips to Winfield have been some of my most enjoyable musical adventures ever. OK, I admit it, I'm addicted! <g>

Picker's Paradise - Don Shorock's tribute to Winfield. Lots of great info and fun pictures about the festival.
Carp Camp - Dave Firestine has been hosting this camp for many years at Winfield. It's a great place and a great group of folks. You'll find me hanging out here and at the Picking Parlor tent while I'm at Winfield.
Carpazon - More Carp Camp info.
General Info about Winfield, Kansas from Skyways.

Festivals and Such...

Merlefest - the name says it all. Doc's celebration of the life of his son, Merle Watson. I love this festival!! It's not the best for parking lot picking, but you'll hear the finest performers in the Acoustic Music universe!

Festival Finder
Music Calendar - an incredible resource! Isn't the internet COOL!!!

Wood, Wood and More Wood...

Old Standard Musical Instrument Wood sells Red (Adirondack) Spruce. Check their site for what's available.

Organizations, Associations and Such...

SEBA - The Southeastern Bluegrass Association. My local Bluegrass association.

IBMA - you know who they are... <g>

Guitar Foundation of America - for the classical guitarists in the crowd.

The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society - Appreciation for "Mr. Guitar"!

Regional Music...

Louisiana Music - Louisiana contains many different types of music. Outside of Louisiana , the most widely known are Jazz, Zydeco and the various forms of Cajun music. This web site is a great resource for all the wonderful forms of music in  the great state of Louisiana.

Software and Music Tools...

TablEdit notation/tab software. The feature I like about this product its ability to import ASCII tab files as well as ABC and MIDI files!!! A VERY cool product! I use this program and Finale.

ABC musical notation system

Transcribe - is software to help you transcribe recorded music. Highly recommended. In my personal toolbox of music related software is Transcribe, Finale, Transcribe, Band in a Box and Adobe Audition.

Band in the Box - develops excellent accompaniment and tutorial software for your PC and Mac.

Finale, by Coda Music Technology is an excellent music notation. It's not cheap, but it produces beautiful notation and tab. King Kaufman uses it for his notation and tab. I'm looking forward to a version that allows the user to enter tab first, then the program generates the notation for you! Gee... TablEdit already does that for you! <bg>

Peterson Tuners have been around for many years with the strobe tuners, but they have finally released several smaller "Virtual Tuners", such as the StroboFlip, which is what I use. Very nice.

Home Audio...

I LOVE old Nakamichi cassette decks! The best source of info on old Naks is


Peter Fryefield's trip to visit Steve Kilby... Peter had a great time.
Jenny Talton also spent a weekend with the Kilby's.
My friend Ted Blankenship's Kim Walker OM. This is a spectacular guitar!
A.S.I.A. 2001 in Nashville, TN. Photo's courtesy of Jenny Talton. You'll see photos of the folks at Cotten Music, as well as my friends Ted Blankenship, John Mickelson, Steve Anderson, Walter Abshire and myself. A few photos of us jamming are included. Was a great trip!

Misc. stuff...

Lethbridge Beer labels - don't ask... Just enjoy the coolness of these labels.. <bg>

What I play and use...

I play a wonderful old Martin Martin D-18. I use an Accord Carbon Fiber/Kevlar "flight" case with a Colorado Case Cover in place of a gig bag for warm weather and festival travel. I use a Calton Deluxe flight case with a Colorado Case cover for winter travel and dry weather protection. An Elliott capo, Blue Chip picks, and Elixir medium Phosphore Bronze strings.

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