Serial Number 643

Made in November of 1992 from "B" grade Brazilian rosewood. This CW has Gotoh tuners, a bone nut, saddle, FI pins, and an ebony peghead overlay. The original pickguard was replaced by a very authentic looking "Tor-Tis" pickguard.This guitar was in mint condition and had been barely played when my friend bought it. Since then it has opened up considerably and become a monster CW! The FI pins have been filed down to reduce the mass of the pins and to reduce ringing. I'm told that it works very well.

The following note is from the owner of this beautiful guitar:

"For years, I've thought my Clarence White was serial number 646 which would've meant that there were two 646's out there. I showed the guitar to Bruce, the wood guy at Collings, and the first thing he said was "That's Lyle-wood!" The guitar's 10 years old and he immediately recognized the wood!! Evidently there were 4 guitars built with that chunk of wood- 1 for Lyle Lovett, 1 for Bruce himself, mine, and another. So, we looked at the serial number, and you know what? Normally I look at the number from the bass side, but this time Bruce was holding the guitar looking from the bass side and I was looking from the treble. The light was just right and we both said, at the same time "That's a '3'! It's 643!". Steve McCreary tapped at the computer...nothing. So, he then pulled a 3-ring notebook off the shelf, leafed thru some hand written notes and finds 646....yup, Braz CW. Turns the page back one and there's 643...Braz CW and the notes say "Lylewood". Not "Brazilian", not "red Braz", but "Lylewood"! It's incredible that Bruce recognized that piece of wood- I mean, the guy goes thru STACKS of wood DAILY. "Lylewood"....<g>."


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