Serial Number 2145

This CW-28 was built in November of 1995 from B grade Brazilian Rosewood (it would probably be graded as A+ or maybe AA today) from John Holman's "Dark" Brazilian Rosewood tree. It has Waverly tuners with an Ebony peghead overlay. The FWI pins are from my friend John Mickelson.  The pins have green Paua shell dots.

The "Dark" tree that John Holman used on many CW-28's was reported to have made some of the best CW's ever. I've played quite a few CW's from this tree and they have all been spectacular guitars. Who ever gets a AA or AAA CW-28 made from this tree will have an incredible looking AND sounding guitar!

Warning! The hyperlinked photos for this guitar are very large files. Most are nearly a meg in size....

Sometimes art comes out in the strangest places.... This is a beautiful shot!

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